Help chosing career in health/fitness?

I am still thinking of a career. I know that I want something in the health/fitness industry, but can’t think of too many careers. I like talking/helping people, learning about   … Read more

Essentials to Health and Fitness

Benefits of a life of health and fitness

Living a life of health and fitness may seem a huge sacrifice but the rewards are truly immeasurable. Not only will you   … Read more

How to Get Sustainable Health and Fitness Results- The Five Magic Questions

Many people want to believe that poorly designed “gimmick” machines are the way to get fast effective results in terms of health and fitness.  Further all over the world fad   … Read more

What type of article would you look out for if you were to buy a health and fitness magazine?

Please list the areas in which you would look out for articles on, with the first being the area which would interest you the most.

Strength Training
Fat Loss
Cardiovascular   … Read more

Health And Fitness Is Not A 12 Week Program

1) Don’t “go on” diets. When you “go on” a diet, the underlying assumption is that at some point you have to “go off” it. This isn’t just semantics, it’s   … Read more

Couch Surfing

health and fitness

Image by   … Read more

Why health and fitness programs is for you

 Fitness specialist abound everywhere and all of them have different solution on how you can lose some pounds of weight, a few make terrific result just working out daily while   … Read more

Axe threat fitness scheme has helped 12,500 people

Axe threat fitness scheme has helped 12,500 people
A FITNESS programme that has improved the health of people in Southampton for 15 years faces the axe so council chiefs can   … Read more

Where is the ‘mini-mag’ fitness/health section of the Seventeen Magazine?

I looked everywhere through it, and it says pull out the section, but I can’t find it anywhere!  … Read more

Military Style Fitness Program

Modeled after military fitness methods, our workouts will push you to the next level giving you the best full body workout you’ve ever had.
Military Style Fitness Program  … Read more

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