Fitness – Abs Core Cardio Workout

4d79c fitness default Fitness   Abs Core Cardio Workout

Visit Zuzana’s blog www.BodyRock.Tv for all the sets and reps info that you will need to follow this workout. Post your time and compete with a growing community of supportive fitness enthusiasts.

Fitness – Abs Core Cardio Workout

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17 Responses to Fitness – Abs Core Cardio Workout

  1. godsantanaz

    @.@a? i love u

  2. Import2ner36

    honestly? this must be the best physique I have ever seen on a woman.. Not overly muscular but almost perectly toned!!

  3. itachilord100

    jesus Hella hot?

  4. XXBlackDragon


  5. ilovejakehoggard

    when I first saw this chick’s video channel, I was like “frickin hot, but i doubt she actually knows her stuff”…but I tried one of her workouts and the next day, I was sore as hell! This girl is fit and she knows what she’s talking about. sure she’s sexy, but thats? far besides the point. This girl actually has a good workouts on her channel…I sooo just suscribed!

  6. wowspare

    why can’t more girls be like this?

    over here in the states, girls are anorexic and think that being thin is sexy…. they have no muscle or fat.

    a bit of fat and muscle does you good!?

  7. boboboomboom

    This is what I would call. . . ? MOTIVATION!

  8. Leondaniel82

    your body is just perfect. Im affraid if i had a girlfriend like you i could not concentrate on anything else, but…….? :)

  9. vijayendrashukla29

    she? is damn hottttttttttt and sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

  10. stefsk8s3

    you are such an? inspiration…


    Great? work!

  12. MSA6001

    even? her jeans are ripped.

  13. BaR47u

    Very attractive..?

  14. pdani72


  15. morganinprogress

    hot? , tan , fit, and blonde . ZUZANA WHY CANT I BE YOU ? !

  16. nddurana

    there’s not even 0,00001 mg of fat in that body!!?

  17. FatherLicorice

    85 dislikes?! I’m? shocked that 85 people don’t like this…

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