Fitness – Bootylicious Workout

default Fitness   Bootylicious Workout

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Fitness – Bootylicious Workout

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25 Responses to Fitness – Bootylicious Workout

  1. chas4x4

    great as usual

  2. CalmPitBull

    man i like this one… is the best training for man and women.

  3. fghfhg1212121

    she s a godess perfect body

  4. ReadThisurDUMB

    1:22 – 1:35 … oh my dear lord… 1:37 – 1:58 *passes out*… *wakes up at 2:55* *passes out again*… *wakes up again to stop the video*… you are dangeriously sexy omg.

  5. ditionccc

    Great !

  6. gageakashuckthegreat

    u are the sexiest thing to walk the face of this earth

  7. MadBadVoodo



    breathing so hard its annoying maybe u can start muting that.

  9. shavedice000

    this is the most beautiful i have see you look. you are a beautiful women and i love all of your work outs i have lost so much weight just from getting ideas from your work outs thank you so much.

  10. Ninety9Soulz

    This is one bootylicious workout

  11. sfakasswannabe


  12. djpetzele

    wow.. 307 reproducciones.. y recien suben el video.. great XD

  13. jeffri13

    shit! nice work

  14. Baran015


  15. DiabSoulBooker


  16. SaBu76

    OMG the push ups you did look hard as hell!

  17. Myhike3

    No hard feelings! but t I wish…love the downword dog….

  18. soldier7th

    i love you!!

  19. Sonicpower1500


  20. Myhike3

    First 1 to be blocked but I am a morning person…lol

  21. nauecam


  22. projundertax

    great suz.! keep it up :)

  23. JuicyfruitJoshua

    I’ve always wanted to do this…….. 1st!

  24. 123blais

    Crisse le cul de rĂªve!! Baisable au maximum!!

  25. NiiiCALL

    damn you r hot :)
    nice body

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