Fitness Myths To Say Adios To

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Have you ever been told something that doesn’t sound quite right? We all have and this is often true for fitness training. There are some beliefs that have been spread around for years telling people things that are not necessarily true. Certain methods or beliefs so often spoken about that they have become myths that people believe are true. In order for you to get the best and safest workout possible, we must eliminate these myths and expose them as nothing more than the farces they are.

Weights to lose weight

Regardless of what might be thought, lifting weights does not help you shed pounds and tone like aerobic exercise does. This type of training doesn’t affect your body’s metabolism like running or high intensity aerobics would. If you are looking to tone your body and lose weight, weight lifting can help, but does not do the job.

Not eating and hoping to drop the pounds

This has to be one of the worst myths that was spread around. Starving yourself can not only be unhealthy, it will actually make your metabolism slow down in an effort to keep your body fueled on what little you are giving it. The result would be a lack of energy especially during a workout, possibly leading you to compensate with caffeine or sugar to bring your energy level up for the time being.

Crunches get rid of belly fat


This is a popular infomercial add on late night television. A particular “body zone” workout does not affect your fat levels in that area. While your muscles may become more developed, your body loses fat throughout its entirety. A good aerobic fitness program that gets your entire body moving is the ultimate way to keep your entire body toned- including your belly area.

Swimming to lose weight

Although this is a great way to get a cardio workout and soothe your muscles and joints, losing weight in the pool is not that effective. It does not take as much effort to cut through the water as it does to support your body during an aerobics workout.

If you’re not sweating, you’re not working hard enough

You look to your left and see the guy next to you pouring sweat onto the floor as though he had just ran a thousand miles. The guy on your right seems fine, perhaps a few beads of perspiration upon his forehead but relatively dry. All three of you have been working out for the past hour and it may appear that one of you was working out harder than the other. This is not true at all. Perspiration is your body making an effort to cool itself during a workout. It is very possible to burn your target calories without sweating significantly, so do not be worried if you don’t break a sweat.

Too much to fast

“No pain no gain” is one of the most common phrases used by folks during a workout. This is far from true and can be dangerous. Just because you don’t feel pain, does not mean you aren’t getting an effective workout. working out to hard because you don’t feel it right now can also be bad for you. Your body does not actually feel the effects of your workout until the next day.

Machines are the safest way

A myth that is often simply interpreted is that gym machines are a safer solution to a workout. While these devices are specifically designed to keep safety in mind, they do wear out and do not necessarily compensate for every variety of body size and height out there. When using a machine, always ensure that everything is in working order and that you compensate for any physical requirements.

Next time you enter the gym, keep in mind what is myth and what is fact. Take care of your body, and be consistent about your fitness plan. A healthy lifestyle does not come in a single workout- it is achieved over a life time.

“You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence is not an event – it is a habit.” – Aristotle

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