Fitness – Stretch and Tone Your Body Workout 1

cad8b fitness default Fitness   Stretch and Tone Your Body Workout 1

Part 1 of 5 fitness videos in this workout series. Visit www.BodyRock.Tv for more great exercise, diet and fitness video tips.

Fitness – Stretch and Tone Your Body Workout 1

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24 Responses to Fitness – Stretch and Tone Your Body Workout 1

  1. mohammadoz

    OMG u r sexy

  2. Litameena4chan

    0.o” this seems more like a suggestive video than anything but if the exercises work they work. guess I’ll try a few.

  3. rpblcan

    nice belly

  4. spaceguy19

    Zuzana is using a 10 pound Clubbell.

  5. cukier24

    I love you :) Do you merry me?

  6. iseek

    What is the name of the weighty baseball like bat used here?

  7. streban

    I can’t even hear her talking, but im loving her when she’s working out! I WISH I WAS THERE! :O

  8. ihatefilipinawhores

    where do you get your sports bras? the other ones look like nike’s these owns dont =P

  9. MrJunkye

    the baseball bat is to havey to be a normal one ….

  10. SilverGloves01

    damn she sexy and gotta nice body

  11. LostChildOfTime

    Should probably check out her abs torture video series.

  12. piecharthosen

    A regular bat is enough. I’m going to see if a (light, nothing like 50 lbs+) dumb bell works

  13. tikafabulous

    Is that a regular baseball bat that she uses, or some type of exercise bat?

  14. piratelord99

    lol i think this vid is meant for girls, but us guys just cant resist, keep doing what you’re doing baby!!!!

  15. ayl1202starfire

    I just have one question and I hope you can answer it. How did u get those amazing abs any tips?

  16. helldozer17

    Zuzana is the end of human evolution; a perfect organism. Seriously, you could don worshipers and become a religion at this point. Who likes the sound of that? “Goddess Zuzana.”

  17. PoppinGamerBoi16

    i fuckin love u so much

  18. akheel00


  19. ZeekyBoogyDoog

    Most of the effort goes in the diet: what you eat

    physical workout only helps that. Anyone who says otherwise is a huge faggot who bicep curls everyday at the gym…

  20. iqqbass

    i fucking love her!

  21. EminemAlex121

    sexy ass video

  22. scoot698

    1:20 nice flex,,, i can not do that :I

    good job

    your training programs are very good and they are not only 4 females… i am male and i hardly can keep up with your vids…

    good job

  23. petrovik

    WOW u have a great body, ima do ur workout plan right now

  24. angel21985

    Beauty ;)

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