Get Fit With Fit Culture

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Get Fit With Fit Culture

Santa Cruz, CA (PRWEB) February 5, 2004

In the beginning of the fitness movement there were Jazzercise classes, nautilus machines and Jane Fonda exercise videos. All of that changed today with the introduction and launch of Fit Culture, a new online fitness center that is using the technology of the Internet to help people all over the globe get in shape and stick with their own personal fitness goals. Fit Culture is celebrating its launch by giving away the first month of membership absolutely free! Anyone who joins now will also be entered to win one of five Fitness Bonanza ExtravaganzaÂ?s, a fitness kit just brimming with tools to take full-advantage of all of Fit CultureÂ?s specialized features. The prizes will be given away March 1, 2004.

Fit Culture offers an array of home exercise programs, personal live consultations with a trainer, up to date articles, fitness assessments and more. All exercise programs are specifically designed based upon an individualÂ?s goals and fitness level. Absolutely everything is available on line, so customers can access their weekly program or any of the fitness classes at absolutely anytime from anywhere rather than adhering to a trainer or gymÂ?s schedule.

Â?With almost 100 streaming video classes, a video archive of exercises, as well as a personal interactive journal where you can post fitness questions to any of the certified Fit Culture staff, boredom won’t be an issue,Â? says Tobin Shaeffer, President, who created the concept for the unique online offering after spending years as a personal trainer. “Variety and progression, as well as education and support, are key elements to an effective exercise program. Repetitive exercise routines don’t work, because our bodies adapt to movements quickly. Fit Culture is dedicated to providing the variety and the support necessary to see real results.”

Members are responsible for keeping up their end of the deal too. An online personal journal that can be shared with any of the trainers helps to keep members on track. Participants are able to directly email a trainer with questions and concerns and receive constructive feedback and motivation for their individual concerns. Â?ItÂ?s like getting a fitness article written especially for you,Â? says Shaeffer. In addition, all of the personal trainers and nutrition counselors are available for a one-to-one real-time personal training session. The sessions are designed to use the fitness tools a person would normally have available to them in their own home and are especially designed for individual clients. Â?Our one-to-one personal training sessions are a unique offering allowing us to extend our fitness support beyond email support to face to face interactions that will help to keep you honest and truly achieve your fitness goals.Â?

Fit CultureÂ?s workouts, fitness classes and entire business is all designed to meet the needs and demands of todayÂ?s busy lifestyles. Most people today are health conscious, but they are also pressed for time. They want results, but they also need convenience. Fit Culture brings everything a person needs to maintain good personal fitness right into the privacy of their own home at a fraction of the cost of a normal gym membership.

To join today, please visit our website at

About Fit Culture

Fit Culture ( a privately held self-funded company dedicated to bringing the most needed aspects of fitness, education and support, to everyone. It is the first online fitness center that provides real-time interactive personal training, on-demand streaming video classes, corporate wellness programs and fitness management tools. Located in Santa Cruz, California, the company was conceived by a group of top quality fitness professionals in 2003.

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