Get Healthy with Shelley – Far Infrared Saunas, Water Ionizers, Vibration Platforms, Max GXL

default Get Healthy with Shelley   Far Infrared Saunas, Water Ionizers, Vibration Platforms, Max GXL

Shelley is a student of Alive Health Sciences and is working on her Nutrition Consultant Diploma presently. However she’s been in the Health and Fitness Industry for nearly 10 years and continues to add incredible Alternative Approaches to Health and Fitness with products such as Far Infrared Saunas that have been VOC tested ( very important ) Vibrational Fitness Platforms, High Alkaline Water Ionizers and next generation Nutritional Supplements. Visit these Websites to View the Products she highly recommends: http Visit Shelley’s Website at You can also contact her for more Information on the Products she offers at Live your Best Life!

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13 Responses to Get Healthy with Shelley – Far Infrared Saunas, Water Ionizers, Vibration Platforms, Max GXL

  1. devoderek

    great vid guys i agree completely with everything you guys showed. one thing i do suggest is that you guys hid your affiliate links when you show them on the screen. you can get programs to do this and you will also get more sales as well :)

  2. kpapakwsta

    I live in Athens, i drink only ionized water, DO NOT DRINK OTHER WATER IS POISONOUS…Goverments all over the world want us to be sick so they can sell drugs…Be aware of it fellows…

  3. soaringaway2

    great video and nice stuff..very healthy..

  4. OrganicCoffeeStore

    You two are iron clad rock star marketers! Love Mary G

  5. Nimbin421

    I’ve never heard of Vibrational Platforms but they look awesome – also I’m Interested in the Ionized Water

    P.s Great music to your video guys!
    Three Thumbs way up

    Chat soon


  6. shakara43

    Congratulations Shelley! A Wonderful video showcasing your healthy alternatives to Drugs – Consider me a Fan always of your approach

    Thanks for sharing this video with me


  7. FarInfraredSaunaKing

    Great video Shelley!

  8. JaySimons69

    More Videos from The Funologist coming out this week that showcase each of the Products individually, subscribe to “The Funologist” channel and be the first to see them


  9. CeridianEnt

    I’m Impressed, truly inspiring video you two!

    I became Health Conscience while watching the Video, heard about the benefits of Far Infrared Sauna therapy combined with Alkaline Water consumption as a new approach to overall health improvement.

    Sending you an e-mail for info on availability and pricing right after this comment

    Thanks in advance


  10. haidabell

    Way to go girl! Another Fantastic First Nations Entrepreneur in the family!

    You and Jay keep up the great work! We luv ya!


  11. Wade Werner

    If you follow a healthy lifestyle, you may already own a few of these products, like myself. The infrared sauna can really help eliminate the toxins from the body so is really a healthy product to own–if you can squeeze it into your budget. I own a VitaMix blender and can’t say enough about it. A real timesaver and allows to body to digest raw foods and their nutrients easily. All the products seem to make common and healthy sense.

  12. Acid2Alkaline

    The Athena Water Ionizer is in fact the Best Ionizer on the Market today in my opinion and it’s true our family has saved a small fortune from not having to buy acidic bottled water and we’re healthier for it!

    Great Video Shelley

    I’m now interested in your Saunas – can you tell me how much for a 3 Person Corner unit – it looks wonderful


  13. TipTopFitness1

    Tres Bien Shelley!!

    Avril Dominic

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