Health and Fitness Begins Long Before Your Wedding Day

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You already have an inner beauty and everyone can look beautiful with the right makeup and hair style. Don’t let anyone tell you cannot. Being healthy begins long before the wedding and becomes a way of life to most people. If it hasn’t for you, you will have about a year to get yourself in order for like the old saying goes, “you are what you eat!,” this is very true.

Health and fitness begins long before your wedding day.

With exercise and just having fun playing softball, riding bikes with your fiancé and enjoying life to the fullest, you will have both health and fitness to your credit. You do not have to submit to some grueling exercises to get fit. You can do it by swimming, walking, and bowling, anything enjoyable while still working your body.

Just as when you can stand in salt and taste it within in approximately 25 seconds, your body will also respond to pure filtered water, salads made with spinach, less sugar, salt and starch will make a much healthier person out of you. Don’t sit in the sun for hours and bake. You will probably regret it years down the road with the wrinkles you will have, let alone a dreadful possibility of skin cancer.


You wedding day is going to be so happy and you and your groom will be perfectly handsome and gorgeous. You will radiate a virile attraction to everyone you see because you have chosen to eat properly. Exercise to obtain the health and fitness that is actually creating a better person out of you. Having a strong healthy body is the goal of most people today. Everyone wants to live a long, healthy and fruitful life and that begins now. Whatever you do what supplements you take, the foods you eat, the exercises you do and the water you drink will give you a feeling of superb health.

Don’t begin your new married life using toxic chemicals in your home. Look for brands that clean naturally and have no toxins in them. Open the windows even in winter and air your home out and breathe in the fresh air. Remember to sing and dance and make life a joy, listen to the birds sing and look up at the sky, be thankful, and you will have the health and fitness in body and mind and soul that will shine in your eyes not only on your wedding day, but, a lifetime.

George Howard has been involved in the wedding planning industry for many years and has used his experience to source all the resources needed to plan a wedding from hiring the cars to get you into shape for your wedding day and night by finding the right Fitness and Health Centre If you want to get fit, lose weight or increase stamina. Visit George’s website, Australian Wedding Professionals for help with every aspect of your wedding plans.

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