Health and Fitness Club Tycoon

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  • You get to decide every aspect of your new health club – Select the fitness equipment, choose which classes to offer and hire a staff
  • Create the right look and atmosphere for your health club — Create the right decoration scheme and advertise to win new customers
  • Once you’ve met your financial goals you can expand your gym — and expand your business plans to build a chain of mega-fitness centers

Product Description
Health And Fitness Center Tycoon gives you a chance to make a fortune by helping others get in shape! Take control of a small gym and build it up, until it becomes a household name in personal health.

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5 Responses to Health and Fitness Club Tycoon

  1. aralissia

    WARNING: Do not purchase this game. It is the worst tycoon I have played in 5 years or so, since game developers started realizing there was a market for tycoon/simulation games (just look at The Sims). It is reminiscent of those really bad tycoons from the early 90s, even graphically.

    The graphics are dull and grey, with no ability to change the colours of the walls or floors and blurry-faced employees and visitors. The aforementioned employees and visitor don’t do much of anything except walk around, with a few animations for working out on the various machines included. You can’t zoom too far in or out, so not much detail or fun there.

    Your visitors spend most of their time walking around complaining instead of just using the equipment. You have to manually direct your employees to do anything useful; they don’t seem to know what work is unless you tell them “help this person”.

    There are almost no user objects, and not that many exercise objects at all. A lot of them are locked till you research etc.

    In the little tiny html walkthrough that comes with the game it states that you start the first scenario with 12000 or something when in fact you start with 2000 so that little walkthrough is virtually useless. After 2 weeks of trying numerous ways to pass the first mission I resorted to cheating, and found that a few of the other missions were actually manageable but on the whole were boring and lacklustre.

    There just isn’t that much to do, or even much to say about the game. Shrug. Why do people still try to market this stuff to unsuspecting consumers? Especially when there are so much better choices out on the market today. Restaurant Empire, Space Colony, Zoo Tycoon (2), Tropico 2 and numerous others, just to name a few.

    Rating: 1 / 5
    Health and Fitness Club Tycoon

  2. Robert Burghard

    Everything about this game is awful when i saw that there was a health & fitness club tycoon i was excited i thought it would be something new and something that no other tycoon game as done yet is make it so you can control a gym well i bought the game and the first mission is impossible to pass unless you cheat i have no idea why like the person that reviewed the game before me he had to cheat then the levels after that it was managable so he was down pat on that….the staff also dont help you unless you tell them who you want them to help…this is one of the worse would go with Mall Of America Tycoon as one of the worse….graphics are awful and blurry as well….every aspect of the game is awful…and there sure as heck could of given us more gym equipment people that made this game should goto a gold’s gym to see what they are missing….
    Rating: 1 / 5
    Health and Fitness Club Tycoon

  3. R. K. Fountain

    How long did it take the programmer(s) to write the code that made this “game”? If it took more than an hour I’d be shocked. I spent 4.99 [4.99 too much] at Ollies, I was at work during the holidays, nothing to do and thought this game would help me get through it. NOT close. I was ticked off within 10 seconds of playing this nightmare.

    You can buy all the nice equipment you want and the geniuses walk around complaining! I mean, the programmers didn’t even give the lemmings any AI! I think the folks involved in developing and marketing this evil game should be placed in hard core labor camps.
    Rating: 1 / 5
    Health and Fitness Club Tycoon

  4. David Bruggeman

    This game has bad graphics.. is to easy.. no ability to replay unless you like being bored. Bad, bad game. I think there’s a demo out there where you can see for yourself.
    Rating: 1 / 5
    Health and Fitness Club Tycoon

  5. April Goldberg

    I was looking for an exciting tycoon game in fitness and I found this one. I’d have to say I was a bit disapointed in the game. The graphics are not that good. And you can’t control any of the people or situations. The only thing you can do is buy a few things to open your gym and wait for participants to enter. And you can read their comments. But you cannot interact with them or anything else. It is also very difficult to upgrade your gym with the little bit of money you get in the beginning. Another thing I disliked was you cannot rotate objects to place in the gym or design it much. Anyway, at least the price was reasonable. After playing it, I could see why the price was so low. I do not recommend you buy this game, even if it only cost a dollar! This is the kind of game you would expect to see on a free online game site.
    Rating: 2 / 5
    Health and Fitness Club Tycoon

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