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Doug Cox and Sam Hurrie

Doug Cox and Sam Hurrie record a new album in the great room of Coastal Trek Health and Fitness Resort high above the Comox Valley. Popular Science Fiction Writer/Musician/all around   … Read more

Q&A: What are the physical fitness standards to be a Marine?


What are the physical fitness standards to be a Marine?
I’m interested in doing personal fitness. I figure I’d set my bar at the best of the best. I’ve looked   … Read more

Chinese Health And Fitness – Nutrition Preview

Here is a 4:30 second preview from the Nutrition section of the video Chinese Health And Fitness. You can also view this preview at NaturalNews.TV at the following link;  … Read more

Reel Fitness – Fitness for Kids run by Peter Marino and incorporates three major constituents: support, nutrition, and fitness, hence the name It is our belief that true fitness comes from a complete   … Read more

PEAC to host ‘College Bound’ lecture with Don Betterton

PEAC to host ‘College Bound’ lecture with Don Betterton
PEAC Health & Fitness proudly presents our complimentary autumn “College Bound” lecture with Don Betterton, formerly of Princeton University. The lecture   … Read more


health and fitness

Image by   … Read more

My Pyramid To Health And Fitness

Remember the old Food Pyramid that we were all taught in school? You know, the one that told us to eat more ‘grains and carbohydrates’ than anything else? Last January   … Read more

Exercise & Fitness Tips : Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

One of the best exercises for losing body fat is full sit-ups, and these can be done on a daily basis. Combine abdominal exercises with overall strength training and good   … Read more

Can a someone with fitness/health experience help me?

I’ll face it- I am an obese American male. I am 18 years old, with a weight of 219 lbs, and standing at 5 ft. 8 inches. I was wondering   … Read more

Senior Health And Fitness

Senior health and fitness is a really important topic today, as life spans increase around the world.   Physical fitness is important for everyone, but it is extremely vital to the   … Read more

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