Health Begins at Home

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Each year, hazards in the home cause millions of illnesses and injuries across the nation. Many can be prevented by keeping your home clean and well-maintained. Recognizing problems and correcting them can protect you and your family. In HEALTH BEGINS AT HOME, several common problems and simple solutions are discussed. Comments on this video are allowed in accordance with our comment policy: This video can also be viewed at

Health Begins at Home
Natural Health Remedies to Help Stress Pain and Weightloss
Enhance your life with Natural Health Remedies – Aromatherapy, Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, Relieve Pain and Stress and learn Sensual Massage. Get Rid of Headaches, Anxiety and Panic Attacks – Relax and Sleep like a baby… Massive 70% com
Natural Health Remedies to Help Stress Pain and Weightloss

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15 Responses to Health Begins at Home

  1. itspeaks037

    internet tv – my only injury is my back

  2. christianacooke

    Thanks for sharing your great educational VIDEO !!!

  3. medicappharmacy


  4. 1091Floyd21

    Heres one for you. Every day my diet consists of the following: Please let me know what you think

    Porridge, 2 apples, banana, brazil nuts, wall nuts, licorice bar, nutrigrain barsome carrot, 1 orange, blueberries

    A sandwidge consisting of (2 slices of brown bread, tomato, lettuce, lean beef slices, 2 slices of low fat cheece)

    An averge sized dinner which normally varies between 1(potatoes OR rice OR pasta), 2(brocolli, brussel sprouts), 3(lasagna, chicken stir fry, meat)

  5. JWestermanDC

    Pretty basic stuff, that’s what the masses need.

  6. mumeisha

    Has anybody read the book, “Nutrition Science” by T Trainer (web: trainersplanet)?
    A friend recommended it and said it has a wealth of info.

  7. feelincommand

    “Happiness lies, first of all, in health.” – Gerrrye William Curtis

  8. medicappharmacy

    It conveys something we tend to forget at times. Great!

  9. MrCrackMan11

    Great video.. Love all of the info thanks! :)

  10. TyreeHeschke

    50 Free Youtube Subs Here watch?v=uD5Zi4ZGLhM

  11. EdwardoWalchak

    50 Free Youtube Subs Here watch?v=uD5Zi4ZGLhM

  12. catnips0addict

    is this okay to include this in my speech? my speech is about health. anyone answer me? thank you so much

  13. MDiTVinc

    Really instructive and easy to understand, thanks for sharing this information. Any preference or recommendation for the maintenance of the smoke alarms ???

  14. Akuna4everybody

    food matters :)

  15. DrGatza

    Thank you for this video! Very informative and helpful. I’m also interested in health and wellness, please visit my channel and let me know if I can be of any help.

    - Dr. Gatza

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