Health & Fitness iPod/iPhone Fitness Training Video

default Health & Fitness iPod/iPhone Fitness Training Video

FREE DOWNLOAD of this made-for-iPod/iPhone workout if you’re willing to do a 5-minute survey before and after you use it at the gym. Your media player just became your personal trainer… Available in Image Series for iPod nano and Video Series for iPod Video & iPhone. For free content download links and links to the survey, please email your name and email address to Program details: Performing workouts without purpose and structure may eventually get you where you want to be but there is a faster way. If you workout to build strength and muscle mass, to fight fat, and to build your aerobic and anaerobic systems then the Functional Strength Circuit will provide the structure you need to reach your goals. Integrated strength exercises designed to functionally build strength and mass are coupled with quick feet and agility drills to drive up your heart rate, keep you sweating, and provide the intensity you need to push through the workout. By regularly completing the Functional Strength Circuit 3 times a week you will develop the musculature and definition your body is capable of and just as importantly you will feel and move better, and be healthier! The Functional Strength Circuit is a great workout for all athletes and weekend warriors looking to stay strong, slim and competitive.

Health & Fitness iPod/iPhone Fitness Training Video

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25 Responses to Health & Fitness iPod/iPhone Fitness Training Video

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  2. DoctorLifestyle

    Having a healthy balanced diet is essential, taking regular exercise for 20 minutes every day will keep your body in a great shape.

    Avoid eating processed foods, and steer clear from sugary carbonated drinks, as these are high in sugar and offer no benefit to the body what so ever.

  3. youAliz

    it is good at training

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  5. golffinho

    Love it!

  6. 3meed999

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  12. papi616616

    Professional and good information!

  13. liquiddbassbeats

    the guys look airbrushed or something :P

  14. Aimedshothunt

    this is awesome! i feel like i want to do everything!

  15. lanismart

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  16. guesao

    pls, where is the circuit 1?

  17. ottlitetechnology

    This has been a great help for someone like me just starting out, Thanks!

  18. kurdyztube

    nice man

  19. jumadil82

    very good for health

  20. 4pinkgoddess


  21. freerunin4lyf

    is tht animated ro not coz i cant tell

  22. FitnessHunkFan

    good information

  23. akcanspeed

    ver? nice movi

  24. godslittleacre

    very nice



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