The first music video from the LA-based band HEALTH, whose self-titled debut album was released on Lovepump United Records. This video was made entirely from footage taken from the Werner Herzog documentary “The Great Ecstasy of the Woodcarver Steiner” (1974).


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25 Responses to HEALTH :: HEAVEN :: MUSIC VIDEO

  1. philsnk

    @MrBubbaloo Even though this is basically all ambience for a film, there are no lyrics, no chorus, it’s mostly sound. Doesn’t even sound like a song.

  2. MrBubbaloo

    @philsnk cause not all of us sell out to become slaves to the capalistic pigs around us.

  3. nzwwefan

    That dude is high, literally.

  4. dmajcen1980

    Most beautiful Elan skiis I ever saw :)))

  5. dmajcen1980

    @g300power you retard!

  6. uberdeathmetal

    this is a tribute to the greek god of ski jumping.
    fucking mightyah.

  7. kathejuisa

    No way out man Asian women

  8. philsnk

    So these guys can write scores for movies. Why are they in a shitty band then?

  9. MythicShot

    damn good video..whatever about the song

  10. penkohelan

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  11. nubient

    yes please

  12. alexa8053

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  13. g300power

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  14. g300power

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  15. mainframesbmd

    danke fürs video imma videos schaun nervt bin einsam

  16. ratheclown

    Did anyone notice that there are two different numbers? When he’s in the air it’s 37 and after it cuts to after the landing the number is 28.

  17. Bikikill


  18. zebrumera

    very nice video..

  19. tonox0


  20. sarahgillsays



  21. iouzman92

    This song is awesome

  22. Capinyx

    Aww I was waiting for him to bust his ass ):

  23. Mrneradlim

    @kiandeheshti you sir have got it

  24. leavingmynameout

    ozzum pozzum type of awesome

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