HEALTH “We are Water”

default HEALTH We are Water

Directed by Eric Wareheim Director of Photography Matt Lloyd Visual Effects by Fatalfarm Special Effects by Synapse FX Edited by Luke Lynch Post Colorist/ Finishing Editor: Daniel Haworth Styling by Amanny Ahmad Produced by The Funk Brothers, Ariel Adler Copyright Lovepump United / City Slang, 2010

HEALTH “We are Water”

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25 Responses to HEALTH “We are Water”

  1. NeonFoxLetsPlays

    awesome vid Warheimer. you and HEALTH is a very good combination.

    great job. and have a happy Crimbus.

  2. GuyInZeeCorner

    I remember when this happened to me once.

  3. schmitty3

    congrats on getting his number one video of 2010. /watch?v=kz2Kg-JxKSE&feature=sub

  4. 222Sucram

    thats one strong twig, or a very flimsy scrot.

  5. mathiascarlson

    There’s my chippy.

    This is graphic and creepy and totally ferkt up but really really well done and powerful. Definitely a different direction from the EW look and feel we’ve come to know, but well executed, and yes pun intended. Kudos to an extremely funny gentleman and versatile director.

  6. TheBigComeDown1

    Love you Eric W.and Tim H. as well! I wish there was more art out there from you guys!!!!

  7. Trumanime

    i know i do. this woman is vary sexy.

  8. Trumanime

    my health is a good thing. Do you like milk and coffee.

  9. Tenbrightspikes

    the most powerful short film i’ve seen in some time.

  10. Masterchickens

    Great Job!

  11. Gameinggames

    @guttatyme Some people call it running out of breath

  12. mysteryofcinema

    Woah everyone just wait a minute..
    Then jab a stick in your fuzzy junkpurse.

  13. chuchunezbie

    This is so amazing!

  14. dawnblairr

    so freaky, but i want to watch it again.
    i like this song.

  15. filmswithnads

    @JCI1990 Anything can be art to somebody, it just depends on how they interpret it, so shut up and go scrap the sand from your cunt.

  16. McPheeComedy

    @JCI1990 If I’m insane, you’re a genius.

  17. invaderjay

    @JCI1990 You sir, are too closed minded. This is dark yes, but it’s still Art. If it made you feel uneasy then don’t watch it, but don’t sit there and tell someone you, “supposedly”, support that they’re work, “Sucks”. Just because you can’t appreciate it, doesn’t mean you know at all what you’re talking about. This is by far one of the best Music Videos I’ve seen in years, and unlike you I, and I’m sure many others, would like to see more work like this. Great Job Eric!

  18. invaderjay

    I liked Eric before, but my respect for him has skyrocketed after seeing this! I had no idea he was so Artistic!
    NTM Dark, I love it!

  19. JCI1990

    @McPheeComedy if this is art, you are mentally insane. probably to the point where you cant even realize it

  20. McPheeComedy

    @JCI1990 It’s art

  21. BMFahrtz

    gore at it’s finest. fuck…

  22. JCI1990

    i dont ever wanna see anything like this from you again eric wareheim this sucks

  23. MochizMuM

    @EmoFaget great job!

  24. mattw90

    @PirateD0g Baby mama drama.

  25. YeahYeahYonh

    This Is Art

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