Hooping Fitness, Hoop Dancing & How to Hula Hoop

f9b94 fitness default Hooping Fitness, Hoop Dancing & How to Hula Hoop

ACE’s Jessica Matthews picks up a hula hoop for the first time with local hooping instructor Valentina “Unity” Martin. Learn how to get started finding your first hoop and a local class, then watch as Valentina demonstrates what you can expect to learn as a beginner in addition to progressions as you become advanced.

Hooping Fitness, Hoop Dancing & How to Hula Hoop

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23 Responses to Hooping Fitness, Hoop Dancing & How to Hula Hoop

  1. Agent007998

    I have to ask you a question.. I am about to start gymnastics class.. I’m 13 years old.. And one of my friends told me that gymnasts usually have small breasts, and they can’t have kids.. :’/ is that true????? Please, responde, i’m realy scared.. ??

  2. Crazygirl1910

    I have that chick in the blue’s? hula hoop.

  3. aglacanilao

    @lovetheink thanks for the info! :) Yeah ive? watched it a couple of times.. he’s awesome! I love him. LOL but Quezon and the fort was just too far from here. I Wish he could teach me… does he? have a youtube account?

  4. CristinaOcampo8

    its hard to believe this? girl valentina because she isn’t even skinny.

  5. lovetheink

    @aglacanilao hey have you seen taletadong pinoy – the? one with astroboy? He’s here in the philippines and he teaches hooping in quezon city and the fort.

  6. aglacanilao

    there’s no hulahoop teacher here in san pablo city, philippines! :( how should? i do it?

  7. trinhmyhuong

    Pear? woman :D

  8. gemgen101

    haha that pink hula hoop the host has i used during my first (and only because? it was a visit to the area) class! cool :D

  9. gafeldm

    I think you can take the hoop out of this video, and add a better word. It would get a lot more views. ?

  10. atkinsgina

    that? end part was bad ass

  11. mkara20

    unity is? my hero!

  12. HoopingWorld

    Hey, awesome hooping! It’s the kind of thing that makes you smile!
    I think you’ll smile at this hooping video, too: Check our channel? — hoopingworld.
    Hoop to live. Hoop for life!

  13. nehaRshah

    what is the name? of the hoop that she is using?

  14. ScarletKay23

    check out my vid? dudes :) PLz let me know what you think :)
    HOOP GIRL Hula Hooping – Twisted Princess..Pure pleasure seeker -

  15. clogon01

    Is there a specific certification for hooping? If so who offers one??

  16. yugiohz1

    um… i? cant do it!

  17. SToyaholic

    I have this awesome trick that see’s the hoop go from the arm to the? leg. So you start off with it round your hand, slowly lay on the floor, then switch from arm to leg. It’s difficult to reverse it, but it feels great for your leg muscles.

  18. SToyaholic

    @linette321 have you tried a weighted hoop? They are a lot easier than the childrens ones. Don’t tense up when you’re hooping, just relax and let your knees limp up.?

  19. linette321

    I cannot hula hoop if my life depended? on it. :(

  20. mariushkitty

    nice ! and good? work i know how to do it !

  21. srf725


  22. miyukimatches

    @Diduforget15 A trick I’ve found helps? is to go into lasso and turn once in the opposite direction, helps you straighten out! :)

  23. miyukimatches

    @Warriorcat07 She? is! :D

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