Meeting women’s Kick Boxing in Rome hosts of the World Sports Center fitness …

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Meeting women’s Kick Boxing in Rome hosts of the World Sports Center fitness

Image by Claudio Gennari… Seize the day … stop time …

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11 Responses to Meeting women’s Kick Boxing in Rome hosts of the World Sports Center fitness …

  1. sabrina_gross78

    nice action shot

  2. Giorgio50

    grande Claudio fantastica

  3. brunofurlan

    Molto bella,complimenti !



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    Our new photo :Caminho difícil...

  5. miguel68

    gran momento.

    Sube 1 Comenta 2

  6. wOlaechea

    Una imagen con mucha personalidad. Enhorabuena!
    Amazing shot. Congratulations !

    Sube 1 Comenta 2

  7. eyeviva

    action is difficult to shoot, very good one with good compo and intersting elements

  8. ScottSmith14227

    wow I don’t think I would want to be on thier bad side!
    another great action shot!

  9. World Horting

    Nice one!

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    Horting Life – Training to Fight!

  10. Price Engines

    Great shot – love the off-set frame action.

    I thought you’d like to know I used your photo to illustrate a solar energy blog post regarding residents ‘fighting’ for the right to install solar energy on their homes, battling a housing association to do so.

    Here’s a link if you’d like to see it in situ –…

    Many thanks for sharing your photography.

  11. Luc8078

    Qué buena imagen, me dan ganas de salir hacer deporte ya mismo! Hago mucho, pero también le pongo mucha atención a mi comida, esta e smi técnica:

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