MRSA | Health and Wellness

default MRSA | Health and Wellness Staph and MRSA, which is an antibiotic resistant variety of staph, have been dramatically increasing over the past few years. Genesis II members and MMS users should know about MRSA and how to handle it with MMS. Get Yours Today! http

MRSA | Health and Wellness
Home Remedies For Better Health.
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Home Remedies For Better Health.

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9 Responses to MRSA | Health and Wellness

  1. dietplan1

    @SovereignBeing Yes , only if it’s pure no other preservatives. Also once it’s activated you can put pure juice in the glass and drink it. I use Martinelli’s Apple juice , Very important make sure there is no preservatives in it whatsoever , especially asorbic acid….NO NO ….Only pure juice.

  2. SovereignBeing

    @dietplan1 interesting,.. can u use lemon juice to activate..??

  3. dietplan1

    @SovereignBeing Con’t — The gas has been captured in an aqueous solution. By activating the stabilized chlorine dioxide, you create a reaction where some of the ClO2 gas is released but the part that remains in an aqueous state is chlorine dioxide.

  4. dietplan1

    @SovereignBeing Not sure what product you bought , but some of them are not as effective as Mr. Humble’s MMS. But, Stabilized chlorine dioxide is a solution that contains precursor compounds to chlorine dioxide (ClO2). When an activator is added, it releases chlorine dioxide and its benefits.

  5. SovereignBeing

    @dietplan1 i see thanks, do u know if stablised chlorine dioxide is the same thing as this.?

  6. dietplan1

    @SovereignBeing yes, You have to have it activated for it to actually work. It’s 1 MMS drop to 5 drops of citric acid, that is the activator.

  7. SovereignBeing

    @dietplan1 well ive tried that, not this kind.. but i dont know if it was activated.. do u know what that means?

  8. dietplan1

    @SovereignBeing This MMS really works on everything you really should try it. Go to the site in the video for more info and you also can get the ebook for free there too.

  9. SovereignBeing

    i have recurring impetigo and i wouldnt wish that on my worst enemy.! it is a vicious circle as taking antibiotics leads to poor absorbtion and candida and then having to control that, and get your immune system functioning properly again is very tough.
    i’ve tried almost everything vit/min wise, moving onto rife machines and infra red saunas next.

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