Q&A: How do you become a famous fitness model?

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How do you become a famous fitness model?
I am thinking about becoming a fitness model. I love to workout. I just want to know what I have to do in order to become. My ultimate goal is to be on the cover of a magazine. How do I do that? Can you guys help me?

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Answer by Joe
Hard work and True Dedication.

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One Response to Q&A: How do you become a famous fitness model?

  1. docbritt

    you can THINK about becoming a fitness model all you want, but millions of other people are thinking of the same thing. if there were a secret weapon that would ensure you would become famous, everyone would be, so noone can really help you here. you have to not only have the body, but the face, the skin, the hair, the talent, the height and a TON of luck and connections to get any modeling job. you will also have to be a client of a well-known modeling agency, and they dont take just anyboy. anyway, male fitness models dont really become famous. i worked for a modeling agency and did some modeling a few years back, and i cant name one.

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