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Be My Friend – Nutrition by Natalie Super Size Me Natalie reviews the fast food documentary Super Size Me which deals with the health and fitness raminfication of eating fast food like McDonalds, Rockers, KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Burger King, Dairy Queen, etc. America is becoming a fast food nation of obese people. You can visit Natalies website at This video was produced by psychetruth http Copyright 2007 Zoe Sofia This video may be copied, displayed or redistributed for any strictly non-commercial use only in its full unedited form only. Alteration or commercial use prohibited. Health nutrition Natalie mental fitness fast food weight self help improvement wellness psychtruth alternative

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25 Responses to Super Size Me – Nutrition by Natalie

  1. Greyfort7

    School is really where my lifelong battle with junk food began. I’d take my lunch money and get an ice cream sandwich, potato chips and a chocolate milk. If I studied during my lunch hour, instead of eating, then I’d stop at the variety store on my way home from school and buy junk food. I’ve spent decades battling this sugar addiction.

  2. Neutrinoghost

    Being healthy makes you live longer than being fit. So eat fruit and veg, but make sure you keep playing those video games.

  3. matteo88

    you look good enough to eat… but of course i’ll wait for one of your videos to say it’s ok to eat you :-D

  4. viologist

    I agree with you psychetruth. Thanks for posting.

  5. orasis


    Why? Like she said YOU must make the choice. Government banning stuff actually increases usage, drugs and prohibition are a testament to that.

    And plus –Government has more restrictions and subsidies on food stuffs than ever and people are fatter than ever.

    In early America the British wrote that the Americans were extremely well built and healthy, hmm wonder why?

  6. hutton12345

    Jesus died for our sins, he is so mutch more important than that fucking clown

  7. superguy911

    @hutton12345 how is jesus any more important to a kid then ronald, kids don’t care about religion.

  8. MicaelaLelli

    kids need to be teach about food just the same way u teach them math or anything. u can’t give them freedom to put in their bodies anything,they don’t understand how body works yet.and 2 the mothers who say “I dont have time”,think that the time u invert in your kids is the best u can give to them.

  9. iamnotadriel

    your really pretty
    (i am not sexually harassing, just a complement)

  10. ahopetoday1

    tbh, as disgusting as it is, the fact that ppl can consume supersized quantities of this shit multiple times a day and lasting as long as they do is a testiment to the versitility of the human body.

  11. hutton12345

    kids also know who ronald mcdonald is before they know who jesus is. WHAT HAS AMERICA COME TO.

  12. sanitary103

    @JackFaire and why can’t I assume they eat badly? trust me, you can’t say all these obese people in this world is caused from a thyroid problem.granted there are people with medical problems and have predispositions to being fat, but that doesn’t excuse the majority. To assume fat people eat bad is not far fetched by any stretch, it’s pretty much the truth

  13. kzrb0101

    Also I want to ask if you can make a video about soy products? There is so much controversy about it and I am curious what is a fact…
    Thank you

  14. MikamiPro


    Good job you found out your diet was causing your problems early. I used to think I was terminally ill from something like cancer because of how bad I felt, a quick change in diet to low sugar, low fat and more fish and veg and I was back to my normal self.

    Food can truely make you feel terrible if you’re doing it wrong for long periods.

  15. kzrb0101

    I moved to US 5years ago and after a while I experience terrible pains and headaches. I gain A bit weight not much though. Quckly I found that my diet was causing it. At home I ate only fresh fruit veggis and meet ( I lived on the farm) and here things changed. Now I eat better only nature made foods and I really got my body back- thanks for informing others.

  16. ALucas73

    She should watch the FatHead documentary.


    this website could have been part of this documentary if it was around in 07… deal4meals com its free too!

  18. JackFaire

    Supersize me wasn’t shocking nor surprising. I actually kind of failed to see the point. At the time it came out I had never met or heard of anyone who said, “McDonald”s is a part of a complete and healthy diet” In fact since childhood I had always been taught and heard others about how it was an occasional treat. I cook 99% of my meals.

    Oh and next time you see someone who is overweight don’t assume it’s because they eat badly.

  19. pasheka777

    @kateline92 I was replying to a comment that now seems to have been removed. Without seeing it, I agree that my comment makes no sense. :)

  20. gongoloo

    You make a great point. However, eating McD’s three times a day and super sizing it will kill anyone. That is pretty well known. But people can still eat semi-healthy if they skip the fries and regular sodas. That to me is the real killer in fast food joints. Stick with a burger and water and hold the fries and also skip anything deep fried such as the fish and chicken.

  21. leodungen

    supersize me came out when i was in high school… we watched it in English Media class… right after seeing it, the WHOLE class went to Mcdonalds lol

  22. vrwhitlockable

    I <3 Natalie! I hope our government changes things in the future, they should back and fund organic farming outlaw some of these horrible ingredients that are in foods, where’s the help?

  23. lynnellsman

    I think Natalie should see “The Fathead Movie” to get another opinion about food! She would learn to always take a source of information with a grain of salt!

  24. Intuition99

    Hi, you state that Americans go to fast foods for convenience, but isn’t a fruit e.i: apple/banana or vegetable e.i: carrot, extremely convenient to?

  25. crazyhb4

    i agree i love that documentary sooo much ive watched several times and it impresses me every single time

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