The Most Obese State and Child Health Day

c9481 health and fitness default The Most Obese State and Child Health Day

The Most Obese State and Child Health Day

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5 Responses to The Most Obese State and Child Health Day

  1. Aydiez91

    I totally agree with making? a change for kids nowadays they eat the same as an adult and it’s kind of weird sometimes but then the parents sometimes don’t say anything

    Let’s do workouts for body types! Yeah? For example women with pear shaped bodies, curvy, just straight even all around. To target areas about our bodies that work for us :)

  2. 1kingconan

    Any chance the host? can let down her hair in one of this videos where she isn’t working out?

  3. MariePOuellet

    Wow! can’t believe that? more than 1 out of 4 children is obese!! That is a LOT… We definitely have to do something because it won’t change by itself it’ll only get worse unfortunately. I really agree about being dedicated to our communities

  4. ekremjamieanmac

    @hakirby–it is because the south’s motto is to fry everything! I live in SC (originally? from upstate NY) and people look at me like I am nuts when I come in to work everyday with baked chicken and veggies or something else healthy.

  5. hakirby

    what is it about the? South? is there a reason why it’s higher?

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