Top 10 Healthy, Alkalizing Foods for Energy, PsycheTruth Nutrition & Weight Loss

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Top 10 Healthy, Alkalizing Foods for Energy, PsycheTruth Nutrition & Weight Loss Visit our new website: Corrina explains why we want to eat more alkaline-forming foods and try to limit acid-forming foods from our diets. She then counts down the top 10 healthiest, alkaline-forming foods that we should be eating. Processed, refined fast foods, artificial sweeteners, most drugs (prescription and street), caffeine and many others are acid-forming. This free video will tell you the top 10 foods to help you re-gain your health and alkalize your body. In a fast food nation, eating healthy food becomes difficult to do. Yet a poor diet contributes to low energy, obesity, stress, health problems and high medical bills. If you eat better, you will feel better and this video discusses some of the foods you should eat more of and which foods to avoid, like coffee, soda, refined sugar, etc. This video was produced by Psychetruth http alkaline alkalizing alkalize acid top 10 “Fast food” health healthy nutrition diet fitness ana fat weight loss low energy tired depression mood pill stress exercise natural new raw plants fiber foods fatigue headaches allergies cancer fitness “weight loss” psychetruth obesity disease dieting beauty body how to “how to” “lose weight” calories nutrient hunger fruit wellness Corrina

Top 10 Healthy, Alkalizing Foods for Energy, PsycheTruth Nutrition & Weight Loss

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21 Responses to Top 10 Healthy, Alkalizing Foods for Energy, PsycheTruth Nutrition & Weight Loss

  1. ryanbrandes

    Thank? you! Keep up the good work! :)

  2. ipastorm

    super like (thumbs up)

  3. YORHealthCeddeeBear

    Great video! Keep up the fantastic work! The world needs this information… ? :)

  4. jvent68

    I love your videos, message, and delivery. Don’t? let the haters and trolls hinder your work.

  5. Xjr5rjX

    Lemons are a neutral food. They contain Hydrogen Citrate. The? Hydrogen part causes an acid load and the Citrate part causes a base load. If you want to alkalize your body, eat ORANGES since the it has Potassium Citrate. The Potassium does not contribute to body’s pH, but the Citrate is still a base load. I am a medical student

  6. monkeytoes98

    I’m eating organic tortilla chips. Specifically Kirkland from Costco. Are these chips that acidic and just as bad? as regular store bought or are they at least better or should I not eat these at all. I really like them and eat a lot of it. What do you think? Thanks so much!

  7. halifull

    Thank you for this video!?

  8. ramdevprk


  9. iTzSHAKiKi

    Can the asparagus be cooked? and still be alkazing? Or any vegetable for that matter?

  10. newyorkdesignra

    Thank you!

  11. Shileikis7

    Huh. I had no idea that pH should be a considered when selecting healthy Food. I feel like this video touches the surface of the issue, but I am wondering, does an alkaline environment promote better digestion throughout the GI tract as well? I sense there? is more to this issue here, but you did not give any “big picture” reasons. Can you? Or is the “anti-cancer” research the major reason for promoting this concept? Thank You for this information – you’re awesome.

  12. ellipticality

    Thank you for this? video. Very informative

  13. sanddocon

    we better start growing our own foods if we? know whats good 4 us!

  14. sanddocon

    you are telling ppl to eat these foods but not that must of them are GMO!
    n? they need to find natural grown ones

  15. lexxypexxy

    Corrina: just ignore the sexual comments or what have you. You do realize that since you’re a psychetruth personality and have to be on camera, there will bound to be diverse comments–whether they’re negative or positive. And you just have to learn to accept it. I’m actually very surprised from the latest? video you just posted, and I’m even more surprised Psychetruth allowed that to be posted. Aren’t you guys supposed to be professionals?

  16. dietsolutions77

    Nice Diet Info on? your site . look forward to more vids

  17. arisalaamel

    this? is so helpful :-)

  18. AirnergyAG

    Energy und Airnergy ist immer gut.
    Tolles Video!!!!
    Weiter so.
    Energy and Airnergy is? always good.
    Great video!!
    Keep it up.

  19. azzy314159

    She gave me a hardon. She must be alkaline like ph30 and eating her would make me so alkaline I will? gloww like a flashlight.

  20. demonsean

    there is no such thing as suffering from depression. just stop? being depressed or your a retard. just stop

  21. gallagherscott11

    hi! i was wondering if you can help me find some things to eat for dinner? which would help me keep my ac1 below 6 instead of 6.4

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