What is the best franchise/chain health & fitness club and why?

I’m looking for an AFFORDABLE fitness club that has alot of choices of exercise equip, maybe some yoga classes and a nice open window of hours. Which club do you recommend? Bally’s? LA Fitness? 24 Hr? Help plz! :)

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One Response to What is the best franchise/chain health & fitness club and why?

  1. chestepc

    Find one that doesn’t make you sign a long contract. Gyms are a big rip off. First reason, call any gym and ask them how much the monthly dues are. They will not tell you over the phone becuase they want you to come in and get pressured into a long contract. These gyms know that most people quite after a few months so they try to stick you with payments for a year. BIG RIP OFF. Do yourself a favor and buy a treadmil and some free weights and work out in your garage. It will pay off in the long run. You can even buy used equipment for cheap at play it again sports.

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