What sort of swimsuit should I wear for a fitness swimming class?

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What sort of swimsuit should I wear for a fitness swimming class?
I am taking a fitness swimming class at my high school next semester. I talked to some of the other guys taking the class, and none of us are quite sure what type of swimsuit to wear. Would it be better to wear trunks, a jammer, or a speedo?
FYI, I’m a guy and the class is for fitness, not for learning how to swim.

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Answer by Abby S
You should really wear a one piece because they are really easy to move around in, and two piece swim suits are really annoying and they sometimes come off.

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7 Responses to What sort of swimsuit should I wear for a fitness swimming class?

  1. little*miss*sunshine

    ON my high school swim team, guys wear speedos but if its a swim class where you learn to swim, prob trrunks and see what everyone else is wearing

  2. Kasey

    Please don’t wear a speedo. Those are for racing. :)

    I would say either trunks or jammers depending on how advanced h class is. If you’re going to be swimming a lot of laps with all different strokes, and trying to go fast, then jammers are the best.

    If you’re just working on perfecting your strokes, and not so much on speed, then trunks will do fine.

    If you have no idea what the class is going to be like, wear trunks the first day, and then decide if they work or not.

  3. xbleedxblaqkx

    Trunks make it a lot harder to do anything, not to mention they fall off easily.

    I’d go with a jammer. Speedos can make people uncomfortable if they’re not used to them.

  4. purplepuddles721

    if i were a guy, i’d go w/ jammers. the material they’re made of makes u faster compared 2 trunks. speedos will be kinda awkward if ur not used 2 them.

  5. Habs49

    Either Speedo or if u have one… a wetsuit… They are both easy to move around in and that will help u in ur fitness classes…. Hope my answer helps =]

  6. Local_Sherrif

    I would suggest jammers as they will allow more movement, trunks may restrict you from moving around freely, after all it is a fitness class you are taking.

    however, and no offense meant, it may depend on your size.

  7. waterinpool

    I have been doing aquwasize for a number of years. I prefer the “speedo” type suit. They are very comfortable. I know the girls on Yahoo answers don’t like them but. So what!

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