Women’s Health: The Wedding Workout

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  • Okay, so your wedding is coming up fast. Or your high-school reunion. Or your first day on the beach. No matter what your big day is, we ve got a realistic, fast and fun! plan to burn fat, tone muscle, and get you looking and feeling great in no time. Follow this plan to lose weight and gain shapelier shoulders, leaner legs, flatter abs, and a sexier butt. You ll also improve your posture, bal

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5 Responses to Women’s Health: The Wedding Workout

  1. DJ

    This is one of those fun, new programmable DVDs where you can mix and match the exercises in the order you want, and even do the same segment more than once. You can customize your workout from the warm-up (4 minutes), power cardio (11 minutes), upper body (12 minutes), lower body (11 minutes), abs & core (11 minutes) and cool-down (3 minutes) The bonus are Love Your Honeymoon (aka Strip 101), Walk Gracefully (posture tips), and Eat Smart (where I learned I should eat like a bear; i.e., salmon, nuts & berries!) The pre-programs come from the customized sections; they include “Strapless Dress” which gives you a week’s worth of suggested exercises focusing on the upper body (3 days of upper body and 2 days of lower body) and “Hip Hugger Dress” which gives you a week’s worth of suggested exercises focusing on the lower body (3 days of lower body and 2 days of upper body.) This DVD is a keeper!
    Rating: 5 / 5
    Women’s Health: The Wedding Workout

  2. Katherine E. Gonzalez

    I wasn’t expecting much from a DVD, but a friend at work had highly recommended this DVD, and she’s in great shape so I figured I’d check it out. The best feature of this DVD is the menu — it allows you to completely customize your workout. You can do a warm up and then one of like 20 routines — which is great for someone like me who gets bored very easily! The moves are easy to pick up and just challenging enough so that you’ll feel them afterwards. I especially like that there are two menus of workouts based on whether you’re wearing a strapless dress (which focuses on the upper body) or a form fitting dress (which focuses on the lower body). A “complete” workout is around 30 minutes, which was perfect – just long enough that you can sneak it in anytime. The girls on the video are upbeat without being annoying, so I never got sick of them like some of those other workout divas who’ve put out DVDs. All in all, this is a great DVD and will definitely help if you do it a few weeks or months before a big event!
    Rating: 5 / 5
    Women’s Health: The Wedding Workout

  3. G. Keyser

    This workout is not for those of you who want a “hard core” workout. It is a good workout but gets monotonous after awhile. It fulfills it’s promise of getting you in shape for a particular event. I think you might get bored if you use it too long after your event has passed (BTW, not just for weddings!). What I like best is that you can arrange the workouts in the order that you prefer them. It’s also set up so you can get quick workouts if necessary. Overall, a good workout DVD and fairly priced. I would recommend it for beginners or intermediates looking to get in shape quickly.
    Rating: 3 / 5
    Women’s Health: The Wedding Workout

  4. B. Burgette

    I ordered this after realizing that I’d gained a lot more weight than I was comfortable with – I thought I’d try some DVDs so that I could embarrass myself in the comfort of my own home.

    I watched this DVD before doing any of the exercises, and upon first glance, it looked like everything was totally doable for me. It’s presented well, you don’t spend more than 8-12 counts at a time doing the same exercise at the same speed (I get bored easily – shiny things distract me), and if you want a more intense workout, you just up the amount of weight you use with the exercises. Easy enough!

    It takes a small amount of space to do these exercises (I’m 5’8″ and all leg, I kick things, and I have a small living room – all of my furniture remained unscathed during this workout), which is great. The instructions are clear, and the first time any move is done, it’s nothing really surprising, so that you have time to catch up should you not be familiar with whatever a “grapevine” is (like me – I was born in the 80s, folks). I’m not coordinated as I was when I was younger, so sometimes the arm-and-leg moves messed me up a bit, but luckily the warm-up is the only place you really have to worry about that.

    I’m doing the upper-body workouts right now, with 2-pound weights, because I can’t find my 3-pound weights – it’s suggested that you use 3- to 5-pound weights, but I’m going to go ahead and say that if you’re someone who’s shoulder strength isn’t quite up to par, go with 2-pounders! I didn’t feel like I’d accomplished anything with them yesterday, for example, but today all of my muscles in my shoulder, upper arm, and chest area are feeling the burn. It’s great – I feel like I’ve actually worked out, because it’s VERY thorough, but I can’t imagine how much more “worked out” I would feel had I gone with my 5-pound weights instead.

    Now for the one bad point: the cardio includes jumping jacks. I have wooden floors, bad joints, and I weigh nearly 200 pounds right now, so this wasn’t something I was willing to do. The jumping hurt my knees a bit, and every time I landed, I was afraid of knocking my television off of the stand (even with “soft” landings, where you roll your landing from the ball of your foot to your heel). If you’re like me and are starting this at a point where jumping around, even in a very well-measured way (it made me sad to have to fast-forward through this part, because it looked fun) isn’t such a good idea, I would recommend getting your cardio elsewhere for a while, such as with riding a bike.

    I skipped the “Love Your Honeymoon” striptease workout for now, so I don’t have a review for it.

    Overall, I would recommend this DVD. There’s a workout for every day of the week (except Sunday…and trust me, you’re going to want that day of rest!), and you can even customize your settings and create your own workout if the ones that are there for you become too predictable.
    Rating: 5 / 5
    Women’s Health: The Wedding Workout

  5. CVK

    You can customize this workout or use the suggested workouts for different target zones. The instructor is great. What I like is that I can select in which order I want to do my exercises, I like to start with abs first and most workouts do abs last it seems. Also, you can decide how much time you want to do, express warm up or warm up and cardio, do upper body, lower body and abs, or only one of them. Or do abs, lower, repeat abs.
    Rating: 5 / 5
    Women’s Health: The Wedding Workout

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