Zumba® Fitness Music Video feat. “Pause” by Pitbull

09469 fitness default Zumba® Fitness Music Video feat. Pause by Pitbull

International recording artist Pitbull pumps it at full throttle with his sexy new song “Pause” from his upcoming album Planet Pit — and Zumba Fitness backs it up with a hot music video featuring Beto. www.zumba.com Get “Pause” now on iTunes. Check out the Planet Pit countdown room on iTunes to get the latest on Pitbull’s upcoming album. Instructors Please check lyrics to make sure they are suitable for your class.

Zumba® Fitness Music Video feat. “Pause” by Pitbull

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14 Responses to Zumba® Fitness Music Video feat. “Pause” by Pitbull

  1. bombergal1

    This song has some SWAG to it!

  2. bombergal1

    This song is SO fun to dance to!

  3. babybuggyes

    demasiado bueno!!!!

  4. Mihayr36

    0:59 look at that girl :X she’s cutee <3

  5. TehTedTeam

    1:27 Weird guy: “Oh mai gawd Im in a video oh mai! Ooh great chicks here aswell oh mah gawd!”

  6. DaviesBecky1234

    Best song when you decide to do zumba ;D

  7. iloveyouloadzbabe

    i can doo this its easy ass i did it at schoool wiv my best matess smexxi as

  8. nightwerewolf

    @XxIndyliciousxX its actually easier to dance with heels when going down…just saying :)

  9. AninhasxD

    oh my god, my ass is going to be pretty again xDDD this coreography seems like a good exercise :D

  10. BKflava

    song ruined….

  11. shembaduymetelaviv

    lol thats is very very very very gaaaaaaaay

  12. SuperMarChom


  13. sarahgranola


  14. tennisstar808

    lol i did this today at zumba

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