Zumba Fitness Sweat Choreography

1e4c7 fitness default Zumba Fitness Sweat Choreography

Our routine to Sweat by Casely feat Lil Jon available for download on I-Tunes.

Zumba Fitness Sweat Choreography

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End Date: Thursday Aug-28-2014 0:48:06 PDT
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14 Responses to Zumba Fitness Sweat Choreography

  1. 1MONIME

    I? would be so happy,if u girls do this again but with no class in the back.I will like more videos of diferent rutine,music and I will do it all you girls are realy good in your move and energy.

  2. andreacapp79

    Sorry guys but that’s not Zumba. You should named differently!? I bet you guys can’t even dance salsa. Poor people in the back trying to move like that. You guys don’t have charisma neither!

  3. wobblygooks

    omg you all need to take more attention? to the people in your class that dont no what youdoing then trying to look good on the camera dont ya think?

  4. Newyearsbaby4208

    Lol and reading the comments I see others agree. Is this a Zumba video, or your new one hit release with the video?

  5. Newyearsbaby4208

    Hey white girl this isn’t your music video…? Quit singing and dancing, it makes the rest of the girls look bad.

  6. CarolinBass36

    there are some more zumba videos at simplefitness.info that been helping me lose weight if u guys want? more

  7. Kazza17X

    @stfuih8ulol which one theres about 5 in this? vid?

  8. stfuih8ulol

    GO NUMBERS 76!!!? WOOTWOOT! hott

  9. SushiParisien

    At first at thought the video was on speed , but after i saw the other people without this amazing 76 tee shirt in the back in slow motion and I understood,that no ,? they are just really energic (not as me sitting on my bed hahaha).

  10. jadenbrandon


  11. slinkydance

    Remember? as an instructor, it’s NOT about the attention you get or how great? you dance. It’s about your CLIENTS and THEIR enjoyment.

  12. JuJu828

    @dansbubbly I AM TOTALLY WITH? YOU ON THIS @ Dansbubbly

  13. faShionMadneSs100

    Man… Bring me up in there I’ll kill it with them….?

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